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It is our mission to create custom couture pieces for each of our customers. No finger on a single hand is alike and that is our hope with C.Martini jewelry; to mix the personality of each of our customers with the aesthetic of the creator, Chelsea Martini. To have a distinct look and feel to the art, but never creating the same piece twice. C.Martini is one-of-a-kind wearable art and we celebrate the diverse differences in each and every culture, person, personality, ethnicity, et cetera by creating couture art for each customer and patron of the company.

about C.Martini
"I don't believe in imperfect, the word itself states, "I'm perfect." - Audrey Hepburn

C.Martini is just that! Perfectly imperfect. The product is more than jewelry, it's wearable art! Where style meets nature, recycled meets revamped, and industrial meets natural. This company was founded on being a "rule-breaker" and that's what we strive to do! We're breaking all the "rules" on what jewelry used to be and bringing the true raw beauty of nature to the industrial world of fashion. Mixing recycled metals with the unaltered beauty of nature! it's all around us!

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